Cozy Fireplace Ideas

This is the coziest time of the year between the hot-cocoa, festive films, and nights covered in blankets by the fireplace. With that in mind, here are a few of the fireplaces that will make your home feel warm, stylish, and unique. 

  • The traditional: give your traditional fireplace a little flare with a granite in-lay:
  • The detail: use marble tiles to add a little detailed-flare to your fireplace:
  • The slab: using one piece of stone makes for a stunner, cohesive look:
  • The ornate: this historical beauty is a true piece of work:
  • The stack: stacking stone, whether it be polished bricks, or rustic original stone finishes, this is a classic option that can fit every aesthetic:

Quartz: The Stone of 2018

As 2018 winds down, we’ve noticed a few trends, one of which being Quartz. The reason for the increased prevalence: durability, ease to clean, and extensive color options. Quartz is scratch resistant, stain resistant, nearly heat resistant, and can be fashioned in the same styles as granite and marble. If you’re not sold and still love the look of marble and granite, quartz even comes in styles that look just like these stones. Take a look at some of the look-alikes below:

Halloween Hues

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re highlighting stones with an orange and black tone! Despite he Halloween comparison, these stones are very versatile, great for all spaces, and some even have a little sparkle to them! Would you dare to go black and bold, or do you prefer the warm orange hue?

-Is there a more halloween themed granite out there?








-This orangey stone makes for a very warm space.







-Black with some dimension is a classic look that is also very versatile.







-Solid black is a sleek, modern look that can go with anything.

Must Have Fireplace Locations

It may still be warm, but have you started thinking about the winter months? Now is the perfect time to start planning for that fireplace you’ve always wanted to ensure it’s ready for the holidays. Fireplaces not only add an element of warmth to the home, but they also are a stylistic element. Instead of showing you are favorite fireplace styles, we’ve decided to show you our favorite fireplace locations.

  • Bedroom: What’s cozier than a fireplace in your bedroom? We promise you’ll never want to leave.








  • Bathroom: You’ll never get out of the shower cold again if you have a fireplace in your bathroom!








  • Living Room/ Kitchen: Dual-sided fireplaces are great for spaces that back up to each other, and spread the warmth to more rooms!







  • Outside: Enjoy the outdoors all year round with a stunning fireplace like this!

Outdoor Kitchen Stones

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to entertain guests and be a part of the party, but when considering building an outdoor kitchen, durability should be the utmost concern. Your outdoor kitchen, unless completely enclosed, will be to be able to withstand all of the elements. Therefore, manufactured stones may not be the best as they could fade overtime with UV exposure. Additionally, porous stones like marble and limestone are more susceptible to spills and the elements.

Granite is a popular option due to its durability, but neutral colors are best as dark stones will absorb the UV rays and be extremely hot for use. It will also need to be resealed at some point, depending on the environment.

Another durable option is soapstone, which is another durable, non-porous option.

Keep in mind, if the space is covered, you will have a greater selection. Nonetheless, an outdoor kitchen is a beautiful way to extend the use of your home.

2018 Kitchen Trends Update

We’ve been seeing a few new trends as 2018 has unfolded and it can be summed up in one  word: mis-match! What do you think of this idea? One thing to keep in mind if you want to try out this new design trend is that there need to be some cohesive elements, so only change one or two things, don’t make everything different! Otherwise, go crazy! Here are favorite ways to incorporate the trend:

  • Contrasting cabinets: Nothing makes a statement quite like this new and old look from none other than Newold.








  • Statement islands: Why not continue the mismatch trend with a statement color for your island. We love the painted cabinet trend and think this green is the perfect hue.










  • Different stones: Did you notice there are different countertops in the picture below?! This is a trend we love!


Seamless Kitchen Style

With the latest trends being colored cabinets, decorative pendants, and vintage rugs, the kitchen can become a bit busy very quickly. One way to combat this and have a more seamless, clean look is to have the same backsplash as your countertops. This look is achieved by using large slabs of the same stone. Not only will this style be functional, durable, and timeless, it will also ensure your backsplash and countertop match perfectly. We prefer this concept in neutral stones, but the sky is the limit when it comes to personal style! We’re sure this is one of those trends that’s here to stay. Below are a few of our favorites:















Counter Edge Types

In the granite world, the edge design style is referred to as the edge profile, and is one of the necessary decisions as you’re having your granite cut. Below we detail the different styles:

  1. Squared: This style works in almost every design and is a classic. Corners are smoothed so they are not at a point, making it safer.
  2. Bevel: A bevel design features an angle that then transitions to a straight edge. It can be done in different degrees so the angle is of different lengths. This look complements a contemporary style.
  3. Bullnose: The round aspect of this design makes it ideal for families with children. There is another option where the top is rounded, but the bottom is straightened, which is referred to as the demo-bullnose edge.
  4. Ogee: The intense arch of this design style is seen more frequently in traditional kitchens.
  5. Eased: This is most closely related to the squared style, and make the countertops appear thicker. It is also a very easy style to clean, as is the square.

Stone Elements

Did you know stone isn’t just for your countertops? Considering the strength of stones like granite, marble, and even engineered stones, there are inventive ways to use it. Below are some ways you can think about incorporating stone into your home, especially bathrooms!

  1. Sinks: This is a stunning option for powder rooms, as it is normally in a beautiful, freestanding bowl shape.
  2. Walls: There are granite tiles and even large marble slabs that can be an accent wall in bathrooms.
  3. Bathtubs: What makes a larger statement than a freestanding tub? There are stunning granite tubs that are freestanding. Just look at that picture!!
  4. Floors: Similarly to the walls, there are stone tiles that can be used on the floor! Just make sure they are sealed well for beautiful, longterm use.

Kitchen Details

Sometimes what makes a space beautiful are the little tiny details that work together. This month, we rounded up the components of a beautiful kitchen that is also useful.

  1. A vintage or statement runner: A good runner makes a statement and a vintage runner will last as long as your countertops.
  2. Functional pieces: Don’t be afraid to leave your most used items on the counter whether it is your stand mixer, toaster, coffee maker, or collection of pots.
  3. Stone countertops: Not only will this be a timeless addition to your kitchen, but it can be a statement, or if preferred, a neutral element that can evolve with style.
  4. Bar stools: If you have a counter or island, bar stools are the best functional piece for those moments when you just want to sit quickly and grab a bite or have someone sit and entertain while cooking. No matter the occasion, bar stools are a functional must.
  5. Cookbooks: This a functional piece, but also a beautiful decoration. You can place all your cookbooks in a basket, stack them, or get creative!