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Silestone Colors, Composition & more.

Silestone is a highly resistant, engineered material composed of natural quartz and binding resins. Quartz is the strongest countertop material making silestone also a strong, durable solution, perfect for families with young children or frequent kitchen use. It is scratch and scorch proof, so most kitchen accidents will not damage the material. Since it is […]

Outdoor Granite Ideas

Most people think of granite for their kitchen countertops, but in reality, granite is an extremely durable stone that can be utilized outdoors as well. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor granite concepts! 1. Outdoor Kitchen Countertop: This idea may just be transforming your kitchen into your outdoor space, but why not have […]

Famous Marble and Granite Structures

Marble and granite are products of the earth, so they have been used throughout history. There are so many beautiful uses of the stones, and some of these structures have been around for a very long time, proving the stone’s durability. Which is your favorite site? 1. The Parthenon (Marble) Athens, Greece. 2. Statue of […]

Stone Maintenance Don’t’s

Last month we told you the things you should be doing to keep your stone surfaces looking your best, so this month we’re highlighting the thing to NOT do. Stone tends to be a pricier, yet more lasting element than its counterparts, so why not guarantee you have many, many years to enjoy it?Don’t worry, […]

Stone Maintenance Do’s

Though all stones are different, there are a few general maintenance tips to ensure you get the longest use out of them. Keep in mind, some stones are stronger than others and some are more porous, so these tips may not apply to all. It is always good to research your specific stone to ensure […]

New Years, New Ways to Use Granite

With the new year, we decided to outline some new uses of granite that most people do not think of. Granite is a durable, beautiful stone that can be used in multiple ways, not just on kitchen countertops. What do you think of these ideas? Granite stairs: You may have seen this luxurious feature at […]

Stone Flooring

Most people generally think of stones like granite and marble for their countertops, and though not every stone is best suited for the floor, many can make a beautiful statement. Below we highlight which stones work best as a flooring option and in which situations. Marble is a gorgeous stone, but it is also a […]

Make Your Countertops “Pop”

Whether you have granite, marble, quartz or silestone countertops, they can “pop”even more with the correct sinks, hardware, and accessories. Below, we show you a few ways to make your countertops look even more amazing than they already do. one: metal   two: statement sink   three: antique faucet   four: colored sink

Commercial Uses for Granite

Though most think of granite as the ideal countertop for their kitchen, granite has commercial uses as well.  Here are a few additional uses: Granite building stone: Buildings can be built with granite block. It can be rough or polished. Granite facing stone: On projects that want to utilize other materials for structural support, granite […]

Marble Designs

Marble is one of those stones that can create beautiful designs, whether it be on your floor or backsplash. The combinations are endless and can match any style from rustic to contemporary and warm to crisp elegance. Marble is a beautiful and useful stone. Which is your favorite combination: