2018 Kitchen Trends Update

We’ve been seeing a few new trends as 2018 has unfolded and it can be summed up in one  word: mis-match! What do you think of this idea? One thing to keep in mind if you want to try out this new design trend is that there need to be some cohesive elements, so only change one or two things, don’t make everything different! Otherwise, go crazy! Here are favorite ways to incorporate the trend:

  • Contrasting cabinets: Nothing makes a statement quite like this new and old look from none other than Newold.








  • Statement islands: Why not continue the mismatch trend with a statement color for your island. We love the painted cabinet trend and think this green is the perfect hue.










  • Different stones: Did you notice there are different countertops in the picture below?! This is a trend we love!