Austin Granite Countertops

At Synergy Granite, we take pride in providing the very best countertops in Central Texas. We are a complete fabrication & installation countertop company. Our knowledgeable staff will help walk you through the process of selecting, fabricating, and installing your new countertops.

Synergy Granite was established in 2007 at home in our front driveway. At a young age we were dedicated to making things happen and wasn’t going to let not having a building stop us!

As a family, we started by learning how to hand cut each piece including edging. Slowly we started to build our customer base and referrals which allowed us to eventually get our first shop location in 2008.

Now 12 years later, we are expanding our shop into 2 large buildings with steady growth ahead!

Our superb craftsmanship and careful attention to detail ensures that you will get the very best countertop for your home. The best part is that we always come in on budget and on time.

With our resources below you’ll have an excellent selection of countertops to choose from for your home when you choose Synergy Granite:

Call us today and set up an appointment! We will provide a speedy and quality estimate. We hope to hear from you!