Your overall countertop and overhang will determine the size and kind of bracket you may need. We can supply flush mount brackets, or you can supply your own depending on the style you are wanting. If we supply the brackets we will install/mount the brackets. If you decide to supply your own supports, you will be responsible for mounting and leveling out the supports prior to countertop installation.

** With the brackets we supply it requires the top portion of your cabinet or pony wall to be cut. This allows the bracket to be mounted within the pony wall/cabinets, so the countertop sits flush.


For bar tops or islands WITH pony walls:
If there is a pony wall as seen in the photos below, the bracket will be screwed into the pony wall.

For CABINET ONLY islands or bar tops:
Generally there is no pony wall or stud to mount the brackets to. This will require a bigger bracket that will mount to the front end of your cabinet and run across tothe back side of your cabinet.

Once we get your measurements from the Final Template, we will determine the size and kind of bracket needed.

** Please Note, depending on the type of bracket needed the thickness of each bracket ranges from ¼ to 1 inch.

Call us today and set up an appointment! We will provide a speedy and quality estimate. We hope to hear from you!