First customers provide a layout, or we can set an appointment to come to your house to measure your project. Once we have your layout, we will send you to select your slabs. At this point we will also have you select your edge and sinks.

Slab Selection

Upon color selection, we will have you hand select your slab. If required, your slab will be photographed with Slabsmith to ensure proper vein matching on all seams. When a quote has been agreed upon, then the project will be officially underway.


As soon as the contract and required deposit have been received, we will then come out and do an official digital template if required.

Please Note: not all projects will require an official digital template.

Slabsmith Technology/Programming

Once template has been completed, if your project requires, we will utilize our latest technology for vein matching, (Slabsmith Technology). When this is done, this will be sent to the customer for approval. Then on to programming. Our programmer will ensure that the correct sink cut out, edge, and dimensions are in place.

Slab Inspection/Fabrication

When programming is complete, it then moves on to slab inspection. The slabs are inspected for any cracks, chips and fissures. If any cracks are found, the project will then be put on hold and options will be given at this point. As soon as your slabs pass inspection they move onto fabrication. This is where we cut your layout, sink cut out, edging, and pieces are polished.

Quality Control

Once the job is done with fabrication, we move onto quality control to repair any chips to the pieces if necessary.


Day of installation, 1-2 days are required depending on the size of the job. We ask that you don’t make any other plans other than for us to be there for those 1-2 days. Keep in mind that at this point your home is a construction zone so things will be out of place, especially if demolition is required.

When our crew is finished installing your tops, we will have you inspect the job to make sure you are happy with the completed look. Once the job is approved, we will send you the final invoice.

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