Best Countertops for Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces are not used or cared for as residential spaces, meaning durable stones are necessary. However, employees and business owners recognize the need for creating a comfortable space filled with homey features like full kitchens, nicer aesthetics, and comfortable spaces to take breaks. This is why many businesses are turning to kitchens and bathrooms that have the homey luxuries, but the durability necessary for more frequented use.

There are two stones that portray the home-like luxury with strength:


Granite is a popular option in the home for good reason: it comes in beautiful hues and is very durable. It’s versatile and modern enough to be used in a variety of office settings. In addition to conveying an upscale look, granite is easy to clean, can handle some heat (though putting hot pots or pans on stone is generally a risky choice), and can stand up against scratches.


Quartz is used in many restaurants and offices for its modern look, durability, and price point.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and can handle any situation.

Not all countertops are the right fit for commercial spaces and offices, though.


Marble is beautiful and stunning in many homes, but it lacks the durability to be effective in commercial spaces. It does not hold up well to stains, heat, and can be softer. In an office that has higher foot traffic than your home, it is not a viable option.