Countertop Edges

Not all edges are created equal, and not all edges cost the same. Understand your edge options:

Straight or Eased Edge

This a square edge that is rounded very slightly to prevent damage to the countertop or injuries. This a simple option that fits in all spaces.

Half Bevel Edge

This edge is subtle, yet more interesting and dynamic than the previous option. The rounded edge protects the counters and is a very popular option.

Quarter Round Edge

This edge’s versatility makes it the perfect option for all kitchens- classic or modern. It also works well in bathrooms and adds a bit of depth to the countertop.

Half Bullnose Edge

The curved upper portion turns into a straight ledge for the half bullnose. Similarly to the half bevel, this protects your countertops below and makes the surface appear thicker.

Full Bullnose

This is one of the most popular edges, known for its timeless look and sophistication. Its timeless aesthetic makes it a great option for any space.


One of the premium edges, the Ogee style is the most popular selection for homeowners due to its unique shape and use in classical kitchens.

Double Bullnose

A bit more premium and dynamic, the double bullnose is a combination of two bullnose edges. This is great for those who want an interesting edge.