Must Have Fireplace Locations

It may still be warm, but have you started thinking about the winter months? Now is the perfect time to start planning for that fireplace you’ve always wanted to ensure it’s ready for the holidays. Fireplaces not only add an element of warmth to the home, but they also are a stylistic element. Instead of showing you are favorite fireplace styles, we’ve decided to show you our favorite fireplace locations.

  • Bedroom: What’s cozier than a fireplace in your bedroom? We promise you’ll never want to leave.








  • Bathroom: You’ll never get out of the shower cold again if you have a fireplace in your bathroom!








  • Living Room/ Kitchen: Dual-sided fireplaces are great for spaces that back up to each other, and spread the warmth to more rooms!







  • Outside: Enjoy the outdoors all year round with a stunning fireplace like this!