Marble Walls: Beautiful and Useful

Interior Design: Van der Vein

Marble walls are taking over, whether it is for a functional use in your kitchen or bathroom, or merely a fun statement or accent in the rest of your home. Regardless, the result is a beautiful room that is stunning, seamless, and unique.

Marble walls in your bathroom are functional and beautiful. With proper care, marble shower wall panels can be used instead of tile. They don’t require grout and are so impressive looking, you can utilize minimal decor. You can use marble on all bathroom walls, or just in the shower, depending on the look and feel you are going for.

Marble “walls” in the kitchen often take the form of a marble backsplash that can extend to the cabinets, or take over the entire wall. In this case, you can go seamless and match your countertops, or go bold and select a contrasting stone. You can also use stone tiles, but slabs render a uncluttered, opulent look.

Marble walls can also be used in other rooms in your house instead of wallpaper to add an accent wall. Depending on your aesthetic, tile or slabs can be used, or for a dramatic look, use both!