New Years, New Ways to Use Granite

granite showerWith the new year, we decided to outline some new uses of granite that most people do not think of. Granite is a durable, beautiful stone that can be used in multiple ways, not just on kitchen countertops. What do you think of these ideas?

Granite stairs: You may have seen this luxurious feature at many monuments or museums, but why not bring this idea into your home or business?

Fireplace facade: Many people love stone fireplaces, but generally granite, and even marble, are forgotten about. This brings an added sophistication and provides a sleek to the room, in contrast to the more rugged typical stone fireplaces.

Bathroom tile: Granite also comes in a tile format, which can be utilized in many areas of the home. We especially love this look for bathrooms, since this is a traditional tile room.

Shower surround: Granite slabs or granite tile can be used in your shower for the ultimate bathroom escape.

Outdoor kitchens: Granite comes to mind for most people when considering kitchen countertops materials, but granite can also be used on your outdoor kitchen’s countertops as it is a durable stone.