Process of a granite counter top: How it’s made


It takes millions of years for the earth to form granite, but only days to get it from the warehouse to your home. Ever wonder how that works? Here are the five basic steps to achieving granite countertops, skipping the first millions of years:

  1. Pick your slab: Customers pick from the wide list of granite available to them
  2. Get measured: Granite professionals make a custom template to make sure the granite is a perfect fit to the space.
  3. Get cut in all the right places: This is more of a two-step process. The initial cut is to get the correct dimensions for the large pieces of the counter; the following cuts provide space for sinks, etc.
  4. Smooth it down: A series of water pressured machines and various buffing heads are used to achieve the eventual sleek and polished finish.
  5. Install it all: Depending on the size of your counter, one or several pieces are placed down and bonded together. Leveling and more buffering are done to make the counter appear as though it is all one piece.

After all of this is finished, sinks and faucets are installed leaving you with a non-porous, stain resistant countertop that is sure to last.