Types of Stone Countertop

SilestoneMost people want stone countertops for their strength and durability, but are only familiar with granite. Granite used to the be only go-to option for kitchen countertops, but there are other stones and materials making their way onto the kitchen scene to offer tons of different looks and character to your kitchen!


  1. Quartz: Quartz is a super hard and durable material that is clean and stylish and stands the test of time. It comes in a range of colors and requires little to no maintenance. However, quartz is a super heavy material.
  2. Silestone: Silestone is seamless and classic looking and is also very durable and requires little to no maintenance. Added bonus: it is scratch and scorch proof!
  3. Lava stone: Lava stone is new to the kitchen scene and gaining some traction. It is very attractive looking and super glossy, but is also hygienic due to its nonporous nature and requires little to no maintenance. Since it is new to the scene, it will be one of the more expensive options.