2018 Countertop Trends

2018 is here and so are new trends, some that have carried over from 2017, and others that evolved throughout the year. Regardless, we’re excited to see where these new concepts go in 2018 and client’s visions come to life.

  • White marble countertops with bold cabinets in a deep blue or sage green hue. These colors are on trend and mix nicely with a sleek white marble.








  • Mix of old fashioned with modern sleek countertops and hardware. There has been a big movement of fusing rustic and modern elements and we couldn’t love the combination more.






  • Quartz kitchen countertops have been becoming more popular, and in 2018 the trend is here to stay thanks to its durability and unique color palette.








  • And of course the king of the kitchen, granite, isn’t going anywhere. If you want timeless style with durability and functionality, granite will always be your answer. Not to mention it is a home buyer’s favorite feature.

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