Endless Possibilities with Granite and Marble

Granite and marble add value to any project and is preferred by most designers. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth: It is extremely durable and won’t scratch under normal use and is easy to clean. It has commonly been used rather than tiles with heavily grouted joints in kitchen and bath projects but its popularity has expanded to every facet of our homes today. We are seeing larger slabs being used with stunning results and the outlook for 2019 is inspirational. You can look for more granite and marble in places you never dreamed possible to include:

Furniture tops of all sorts from your dining room table to your dresser. It is even being used on benches and more so let your imagine sore.

Outdoor projects have started to see the long-term value of using nature’s hardest stones in everything from stepping stones to fire pits.

Accessories have increased the use of previous stones to create that WOW factor in serving pieces, cutting boards, towel holders and even lamps to name a few.

The use of granite, marble and other previous stones continue to expand and add value to your home. What project can we help you with?