4 Tips on Caring for Granite Counter Tops

1. Stay away from acidic and citrus cleaning products

– These strong products will strip your granite leaving it abrasive and susceptible to staining. Instead, a little hot water and mild dish soap with a microfiber cloth does the trick or if needed granite cleaners. Keep in mind this also means you must use a rag or cutting board when cutting into acidic food like oranges.

2. Keep heat off your countertops

– Placing a hot object on your countertops can cause heat shock which can lead to discoloration, burn damage, and in some cases cracks. It’s best to place a heat resistant pad on the counter or any buffer that will ensure the heat from pots won’t touch your counters.

3. Cleaning sticky substances

– While hot water or a cleaner will typically clean the surface sometimes if gum is stuck on the surface, you can’t use metal tools to pry it off the surface. As an alternative to scratching up your counter use a plastic utensil or even your fingernails to gently lift the substance off the counter then clean the residue with hot water.

4. Seal your countertops

– Sealants protect your counters from absorbing stains and is easier to clean than an unsealed countertop. There are two types, topical and impregnating, Topical is more of a protective layer that sits on top of the granite while the impregnating sealer soaks into the stone to preventing liquids from staining your counter. Both are typically reapplied yearly. It doesn’t take an expert to seal your counter once you buy the sealant follow the instructions on the back and your counter will be sealed in no more than twenty minutes.