A Look Back at 2019

While we wait anxiously to see the expert predictions for the coming new year, we thought it would be fun to look back before looking forward to 2020!


  • Waterfall Workspace.  It was predicted the popularity of waterfall workspaces would soar in 2019 and if you watched the design shows on TV or looked at the popular design magazines, you would think it was an understatement.  It proved to be the crowning jewel to every kitchen project. This prediction not only proved to be true, but we think should continue!
  • Nature comes indoors.  Nature was predicted to come indoors in every room of your home, to include natural wood, marble, granite, and more.   We certainly saw white cabinets give way to a more natural wood and the use of natural stones reached an all-time high adding value to every project. 
  • Slab Backsplash sores. The predictions stated a single slab backsplash would create a more dramatic look, plus an ease in cleaning which would replace the tile backsplash.  This one proved to be mixed. There may have been an increase to the slab backsplashes, but there is still room to grow with this design trend. 
  • Island workspaces.  The forecast for them to remain a key feature was right on target.  It is difficult today to imagine a large kitchen that does not include a very functional island.
  • Marble and Granite throughout the home.  Have you been furniture shopping lately?  Marble and granite seems to be utilized in every rooms and in every way possible.  It has proven to be timeless, easy to care for, a great solution for many projects, and the perfect way to present that up-scale look.