New Year, New Trends

While granite remains a timeless option, there are some newcomers on the scene that goes from the eco-friendly to the luxurious and will take your kitchen or bath to a whole new level. Predictions for 2020 and the upcoming decade are full of options available as homeowners make their kitchens and bathrooms a design priority.

Quartz – an engineered, highly durable stone, is all the rage in countertops and is believed to not only continue but expand to more modern looks, include overhangs, in the coming year.

Dark Stones – are predicted to return this year and beyond. They not only add contrast, but can create the chic look you long for.

Tile – is no longer reserved for floors or backsplashes, but is back in countertops as well. It is a cheap alternative that can add both the charm and accent needed for a modern or classic look at a fraction of the cost.

Veining – is all about adding eye catching interest to any space. We saw it explode in water fall designs creating the statement piece for open concept designs. 2020 predictions are it will expand to backsplashes and much more.

Marble – is a hot trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. It adds value to a home, coordinates well with virtually every cabinet and flooring, is heat resistant, and ages gracefully acquiring a patina over time.

We think everyone is united with the open concepts popularity continuing making your kitchen truly a vital part of your entertainment space, which deserves the upmost attention. We looked at a few of the 2020 predictions, but welcome the opportunity to explore even more with you!