The Do’s and Don’ts of Marble Countertops

Now that you’ve invested in marble countertops, there are some things you should know about keeping that delightful marble look. For example, did you know that although vinegar is an all-natural cleaning product, using it on marble can cause damage due to the acidity? Below are some of the do’s and don’ts for keeping up […]

Process of a granite counter top: How it’s made

  It takes millions of years for the earth to form granite, but only days to get it from the warehouse to your home. Ever wonder how that works? Here are the five basic steps to achieving granite countertops, skipping the first millions of years: Pick your slab: Customers pick from the wide list of […]

Create a Luxury Bathroom

We talk a lot about kitchens here. We create gorgeous granite and stone kitchen counter tops on a daily basis. Did you know what you can have that same feel in your bathroom, too? Bathroom counter tops and showers are very similar to the needs of a kitchen counter top: they must be durable, low […]

What’s New in 2014: Silestone

Remodels and new homeowners are gravitating toward synthetic materials this year. (Don’t worry granite and marble will NEVER go out of style!) Silestone is both beautifully executed and durable. Silestone counter-tops (a synthetic quartz counter top) are virtually indestructible. You can’t stain it, scratch it, or burn it with everyday use. They are perfect kid-proof […]

New Year – New Work

Check our our first project completed in the new year. Looks pretty great, huh? Our team does awesome work! From tile to granite and bathrooms to kitchens, we are your stop!

New Year – New Room

We have a New Years resolution for you – update your kitchen or bathroom! We know you’ve always wanted to update those areas in your home, well now is the time! We are here to help turn that eye sore into a gorgeous area of the house.

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