Counter Edge Types

In the granite world, the edge design style is referred to as the edge profile, and is one of the necessary decisions as you’re having your granite cut. Below we detail the different styles:

  1. Squared: This style works in almost every design and is a classic. Corners are smoothed so they are not at a point, making it safer.
  2. Bevel: A bevel design features an angle that then transitions to a straight edge. It can be done in different degrees so the angle is of different lengths. This look complements a contemporary style.
  3. Bullnose: The round aspect of this design makes it ideal for families with children. There is another option where the top is rounded, but the bottom is straightened, which is referred to as the demo-bullnose edge.
  4. Ogee: The intense arch of this design style is seen more frequently in traditional kitchens.
  5. Eased: This is most closely related to the squared style, and make the countertops appear thicker. It is also a very easy style to clean, as is the square.
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