Everything You Need to Know About Quartz Countertops

Quartz has been the rising star in the countertop world due to its range of colors, durability, and its ability to resemble the natural stones. However, to create quartz slabs, manufacturers combine 93% ground quartz with 7% resins, polymer and color pigments. Since it is a manufactured stone, there is a large range of color options and those similar to natural stone.

  • Since quartz countertops are a combination of stone and resin, the resulting slab is very hard and durable, like granite, but also non-porous, so no stain concerns.
  • Many people are attracted to it for its color variety, especially those wanting something that cannot be found in nature.
  • There are two leading brands of quartz countertops: Silestone and Cambria. Milestone has all the aforementioned benefits (strength, durability, low maintenance, stain resistant and wide color variety) and is the most well-known brand name. Cambria is the other popular brand that offers all the benefits of quartz, however, its largest differentiator is that it is the only brand made entirely in America.
  • Despite the strength of quartz countertops, you should still avoid abrasive cleansers and harsh chemicals, and refrain from placing hot pans on the countertops. The resins are not indestructible.