Everything You Need to Know About Soapstone

Soapstone is a beautiful countertop option that does not require a sealant and is generally less expensive than the other stone options. Unlike the other natural stones, it darkens over time due to a process similar to oxidation, and will thus develop a patina. There are steps that you can take to ensure a consistent patin, and this can be a beautiful look of contrast in your home. So what are the benefits and negatives?

  • It has the most impenetrable surface making it the most resistant to bacteria, which is a benefit for your bathroom and kitchen.
  • It is extremely heat resistant, which is why it is frequently used on fireplaces. You can set a hot pan on soapstone countertops and it won’t crack, though that is never recommended.
  • Though not as strong as quartz, it has a similar hardness to marble, but makes up for it in its density, making it easier to clean the surface.
  • The largest negative to soapstone is the ability to chip and scratch with heavy wear.