Granite Countertop Process

1533864_650682028328707_1275693190_nThinking about getting new granite countertops, but want to know the process before you commit? Here is the process when you work with Synergy Granite:

1. You can start with a free home estimate. One of our representatives will come to your house to discuss design concerns, product selection, and will take initial measurements for your project.
2. If you haven’t selected which stone type or color you want, Synergy Granite can also talk you through the various options and benefits of each.
3. We will then work with your schedule for the installation. We will start by removing and disposing the old countertops. We will also prepare the space by disconnecting any plumbing and add supports if necessary.
4. We then install the granite and ensure the sink and stove top are set properly.
5. We can also apply a sealant, as we recommend to all clients, to make sure the stone is protected.