Laminate V. Granite

austin-granite-countertop-pricingDo you want the look of stone, but aren’t sure the price is worth it? Laminate can come in stone-like finishes, but does not have the strength, endurance, or beauty of granite. We will break down the strengths and weaknesses of granite and laminate counter tops:
Granite is known for it’s beauty, color variety, and strength. Due to it’s strength, it is scratch resistant, heat resistant, and stain resistant if properly sealed. However, it is more expensive, depending on the color.. This is the best option if you’re looking for durability, a return on investment, and suitability as any sink, back splash or products can be used with granite.
Laminate is a manufactured counter top that can come in a variety of colors and textures. It does not chip, is stain resistant, and a more affordable option. However, it is susceptible to heat, can sustain some damage and does not last as long. It also cannot be used with under mount sinks.
Based on your household’s needs, style and budget, there are options for a stone like counter top, though nothing beats the quality and lifetime strength of real stone.