How to Incorporate Granite in your House (besides the kitchen and bath)

Granite is a beautiful material that beautifully compliments any home. On top of being stunning, granite is also a wonderfully heavy and durable material that makes it perfect for use in the kitchen and bathroom. If your home did not come with granite installed and there is no remodel in your immediate future, there are three notable ways to still have it featured in unexpected ways.


Outdoor kitchens are probably on the top of men’s “wants” in their dream houses. Make it a reality with heavy duty and gorgeous granite countertops. Weather won’t bother the stone and your wives will be happy with how beautiful it looks. (And hoe easy it is to clean!)


Patio furniture has come a long way from plastic chairs and foldable tables. A granite table is perfect for any weather and is heavy enough to stay put all year long. Though you should still pay special attention for care and maintenance, granite is a very viable option for outdoor entertaining.


Inside your home, a granite side table in the living room or hallway quickly adds a touch of elegance. Granite is available in multiple colors, so matching it to the décor already established is the icing on the cake.

If you have an idea on how to incorporate granite into your home in a new and unexpected way, Synergy Granite is ready to help with all of your imaginative home projects. If you would like suggestions on installing granite in unconventional places, Synergy Granite has the experience to get your project up and running!