Kitchen Details

Sometimes what makes a space beautiful are the little tiny details that work together. This month, we rounded up the components of a beautiful kitchen that is also useful.

  1. A vintage or statement runner: A good runner makes a statement and a vintage runner will last as long as your countertops.
  2. Functional pieces: Don’t be afraid to leave your most used items on the counter whether it is your stand mixer, toaster, coffee maker, or collection of pots.
  3. Stone countertops: Not only will this be a timeless addition to your kitchen, but it can be a statement, or if preferred, a neutral element that can evolve with style.
  4. Bar stools: If you have a counter or island, bar stools are the best functional piece for those moments when you just want to sit quickly and grab a bite or have someone sit and entertain while cooking. No matter the occasion, bar stools are a functional must.
  5. Cookbooks: This a functional piece, but also a beautiful decoration. You can place all your cookbooks in a basket, stack them, or get creative!
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