Local Stones for Conscious Consumers

Some of the most exquisite stones in the world come from Italy, Brazil, Turkey and other countries, but did you know some pretty amazing stones are quarried here in the United States? Conscious consumers are purchasing more domestic products whenever possible. The benefit to our local economy has been well documented, in addition to the environmental benefits of reducing shipments and reliance on fossil fuels. Below are some of the products we can be proud to say are “Born in the USA”:

Virginia Mist Granite – is quarried in Culpeper, Virginia and is growing in popularity. It truly looks like it sounds with its dusty black background and swirls of gray.

Granite– in general is produced mostly in Texas, Massachusetts, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Georgia with these states comprising 64% of the market share.

Soapstone – made analyst prediction list to increase in popularity in 2020. It is quarried allover the US, including Texas and can be seen on countertops, around fireplaces and even used for sinks.

Marble – remains a popular choice and is found in Vermont with Danby being the most popular, Augusta White Marble found in Georgia, and Calacatta Lincoln Marble found in Colorado.

Regardless of their origin, some of the most amazing stones in the world are actually fabricated right here in the USA, so remember to include stones in your next renovation project and shop local!