The price of our affordable and beautiful quartz countertops is assessed by the color of the slab, the movement, and the grain. Installation and fabrication are included in pricing, but overall cost may vary based on color, square footage and certain job requests that you may have unique to your job. The pricing does not incorporate demolition and sink cutouts. If there’s anything you’re wondering just call us and we will answer your questions: 512-778-9007

Starting out at $60 sqft

Quartz level 1 Starting at: $50.00
Quartz level 2 Starting at: $65.00 (Customer average selection)
Quartz level 3 Starting at: $80.00
Quartz level 4 Starting at: $125.00

*Please Note: Price range per square foot will vary depending on what brand you are quoting out. Some brands have only 3 levels while other brands have 9 levels. Pricing will be lower or higher on this estimated pricing listed above depending on this.

Call us today and set up an appointment! We will provide a speedy and quality estimate. We hope to hear from you!