Rooms Worth the Stone Splurge (And Ones Not Worth It!)

Though stone countertops in any room can really elevate the look and add a timeless appeal, there are some rooms more worthy of the splurge than others, especially considering part of stone countertops’ appeal is the durability, strength, and heat resistant factors. Here are some spaces that could forego stone countertops to save $$$ for stone-worthy spaces:
  • While we love the updated laundry room trend (because who wants to do laundry in a dreary space?!), it isn’t of huge importance. Laundry rooms are generally shut off to guests and don’t really need the durability as compared to other spaces.
  • Guest bathrooms that are not frequently used could forego the upgraded countertops in favor of more frequently used spaces.
  • Similarly, powder rooms do not see use more than washing hands and checking makeup, so a more durable, heat resistant stone is not necessary.

And here are the rooms that NEED stone surfaces to ensure a longer countertop life:

  • Children’s’ bathrooms are probably the most surprising to see on the “go for it” list, but in reality, children tend to not understand proper care, so a more durable stone like quartz or cambria can stand strong and lengthen the life of the bathroom. Go with a neutral color and the room can grow with them!
  • Kitchens are the most obvious room where the splurge is worth it. Not only are they the center of the hosue where most of the entertaining takes place, they are also the rooms with the most spills, hot items, and messy spills. Eliminate the worry and go ahead and add stone- not to mention the resale value.
  • Outdoor stones are one of the more durable options that can withstand weather with proper care.