Stone Backsplash

Granite-Backsplash-7When designing the kitchen of your dreams, don’t neglect the backsplash. Not only is the backsplash a practical consideration, as it protects your walls from kitchen messes, but it also provides aesthetic value to the space.


Stone backsplashes are more upscale, versatile and durable. Due to their strength, they won’t easily be harmed by scratches, spills, water and most do not stain easily. They will also be easier to clean, as there will be less grout to contend with so splatters can be effortlessly cleaned with the wipe of a rag. Furthermore, you can use the same stone as the countertop to make the space appear more seamless and polished.


Stone backsplashes can fit any style as they come in different stone types, colorations and finishes. However, when selecting which stone to use for your backsplash, consider the following:

  • Does the stone stain easily?
  • Will it absorb moisture easily?
  • How will it look with your countertop? (Unless using the same for both!)