The Home You Want to Come Home To

If you have ever had your house staged for sale, you are in awe of how little they spent for such spectacular results.  Most of the time, it looks like a completely different house.  Well why wait? Start your new year with a home that is the envy of your friends but what is the secret?

  1. Get rid of the Clutter.  Less is more in making your space look inviting.
  2. Light and bright makes your space look larger and more welcoming.  Paint with a light neutral color such as a light gray and by using the same color in multiple rooms you get that seamless look that says wow.  Also, increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures and add additional lighting as well to get the warm embracing feeling to make your space look great.
  3. Accessories with items that not only look great but say welcome such as candles, plants (this can come from your yard), throws and pillows.
  4. Nothing says high-end and makes your house look great like redoing your kitchen and baths.  By painting your existing cabinets and adding new hardware you can achieve the same look for less.
  5. What is the secret to staging that they never pinch pennies on: GRANITE and MARBLE.  This truly separates your home from the rest.  It says classy and  luxurious like nothing else can.  Even though you watched every penning in your transformation, granite and marble says you didn’t skimp but did it right!

May your house in 2019 be the home you want to come home to!