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Make Your Countertops “Pop”

Whether you have granite, marble, quartz or silestone countertops, they can “pop”even more with the correct sinks, hardware, and accessories. Below, we show you a few ways to make your countertops look even more amazing than they already do. one: metal   two: statement sink   three: antique faucet   four: colored sink

Commercial Uses for Granite

Though most think of granite as the ideal countertop for their kitchen, granite has commercial uses as well.  Here are a few additional uses: Granite building stone: Buildings can be built with granite block. It can be rough or polished. Granite facing stone: On projects that want to utilize other materials for structural support, granite […]

Marble Designs

Marble is one of those stones that can create beautiful designs, whether it be on your floor or backsplash. The combinations are endless and can match any style from rustic to contemporary and warm to crisp elegance. Marble is a beautiful and useful stone. Which is your favorite combination:

White Kitchen Countertop Options

Do you love the luxurious feel of an all white kitchen? There are multiple countertop options that will give this feel, as both granite and marble come in white varieties. Some will have a hint of color that is mostly grey/black, but still remain sleek, clean and durable. Here are a few of our favorite […]

Granite and Marble Seams

Most granite and marble slabs are less than 10 feet wide. Therefor, most countertops will need a seam. However, with a butterfly seam and a skilled installer, your countertops can appear seamless. The number of seams necessary depends on the size of slabs and the size of the countertop. The seam placement is also dependent […]

Light, Airy Stone Countertops

Some people prefer a lighter, more airy design for their homes. This look is especially beautiful in the summer and warm climate as the minimalistic look is open and can highlight the outdoor beauty. Both marble and granite come in lighter shades that can make your kitchen have this same feel, especially when combined with […]

Honed v. Polished Granite

If you are looking for a different look on your countertops, try honed granite, the matte version of your favorite stone. Honed granite is a popular substitute for those who want the durability and heat resistance of granite, without the polished looked. This is ideal for casual homes or those with a more aged, rustic […]

Cleaning Marble

Do you have granite counter tops, but not sure what to do if you get a stain? Follow the steps below and (hopefully) your marble will be protected. 1. Make sure as much of the substance is dried off as possible and try to never let spills sit on marble. 2. Spray the spot with […]

Laminate V. Granite

Do you want the look of stone, but aren’t sure the price is worth it? Laminate can come in stone-like finishes, but does not have the strength, endurance, or beauty of granite. We will break down the strengths and weaknesses of granite and laminate counter tops: Granite is known for it’s beauty, color variety, and […]

Granite Countertop Process

Thinking about getting new granite countertops, but want to know the process before you commit? Here is the process when you work with Synergy Granite: 1. You can start with a free home estimate. One of our representatives will come to your house to discuss design concerns, product selection, and will take initial measurements for […]